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COVID-19 – Coming Clean with Dirty Dozen Expeditions’ live broadcasts


COVID-19, Dirty Dozen Expeditions

Aron Arngrímsson, Founder of Dirty Dozen Expeditions (DDE) has announced a new live series in the midst of COVID-19, Coming Clean with the Dirty Dozen, launching this week.

The series features an exciting line-up of big-name guests and will air twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

The inaugural DDE episode of Coming Clean with The Dirty Dozen goes live at 8pm BST on Thursday 16 April 2020 and will be broadcast on The Dirty Dozen Expedition Facebook page, where you will be able to interact with the hosts and ask questions.

COVID-19, Dirty Dozen Expeditions

The first speaker of the series is Tour de Force Explorer, dynamic documentary maker, award-winning photographer and cinematographer, and author Jill Heinerth.

Tune in to watch Jill Heinerth in Episode 1: Bent – An Honest Conversation, where Aron and Jill delve deeper into decompression illness and diving from their lockdown locations.

Jill’s unexpected hit came after thousands of amassed hours exploring in extreme conditions. DCS, or the bends, is a sports injury and there is a spectrum of how the gas bubbles can affect your body from a skin rash to paralysis.

COVID-19, Dirty Dozen Expeditions

Episode 2 features Explorer, Adventurer, Cave Diver and Technical Instructor Matt Jevon, as he discusses his recovery from COVID-19 and much more.

DDE has got ten-plus more episodes in the making, so keep an eye on their social media for announcement of the next guests. The broadcasts will be available to watch on the DDE website and YouTube channel afterwards.

Aron said: “We all realize the lockdown is not fun, and there are plenty of other things we would rather be doing, namely being underwater, but we are in this together to fight COVID-19. So, when thinking about how DDE could deliver you the next best thing to actually going diving, we thought why not bring the finest explorers to your living room twice a week. Coming Clean has turned into a fantastic community project with a brilliant production team behind the scenes, exciting content creation and I get to live out my secret dream pretending to be a late-night talk show host. It’s set to be an unmissable series – tune in.”

COVID-19, Dirty Dozen Expeditions

Dirty Dozen Expeditions heads to Chernobyl

“Dirty Dozen Expeditions, an expedition company that usually does high-end liveaboard trips to destinations like Bikini Atoll, Galapagos and Truk Lagoon, has decided after now offering technical diving, recreational diving and freediving trips to dip a toe out of their otherwise in-water activities.
Founder Aron Arngrimsson said: “A lot of our customers get fascinated by the nuclear aspect on our trips in Bikini, and when I was on an expedition with some friends in the Exclusion Zone at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to learn more about nuclear disasters sharing my experiences online, I got inundated with requests to make a trip. Who knew divers would be so interested in Chernobyl?
“It makes me very excited to announce the Dirty Dozen Expeditions has a new destination, taking small groups of seven (including the guide and me) to this incredible site.
“As we are all inside right now and only dreaming of traveling as soon as it is safe to do so, we will keep you updated with dates hopefully in the late summer/autumn as soon as we know more. This is a very accessible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tick off a bucket list and I am registering spaces for scheduling.”
Read more about the in-depth itinerary on and fill out an inquiry form if you want to join Aron in this nuclear wasteland!
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