The effects of stress and tasking loading in diving

Posted by - 14th August 2017

Andrew Tonge, deep diver, tech instructor and diving lawyer, takes a look at stress and task loading in diving. There is no doubt that stress during a dive can be a real problem. Lots of things cause stress, and it’s no secret that most of the diver training agencies believe that task loading is a

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Ghost Fishing UK net removal in Plymouth ended with great results

Posted by - 9th August 2017

On Saturday, six Ghost Fishing UK team members were joined by Healthy Seas, Milliken and Aquafil to clean up the popular wreck of the James Eagan Layne in Plymouth. The team showed up at various stages of Friday midnight, exhausted after their work and journeys, but showed incredible commitment to have the boat loaded and

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Clean-up action in Plymouth by Ghost Fishing UK

Posted by - 4th August 2017

According to a joint report by the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), an estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are left in our oceans each year, accounting for one-tenth of all marine litter. These nets, sometimes called ‘ghost nets’, can often be found on and around shipwrecks.

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Andrea Doria claims life of British deep wreck diver

Posted by - 26th July 2017

A British deep wreck diver has died on the infamous SS Andrea Doria shipwreck in the United States. Steven Slater, a well-known face in deep wreck and technical diving circles, was exploring the deteriorating remains of the Andrea Doria, which became known as the ‘Everest of Wreck Diving’ after it sank in July 1956 following

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At the crossroads – are you ready to become a tech diver?

Posted by - 25th July 2017

Andrew Tonge, experienced technical diver and instructor, looks at the decision to train as a deep tech diver For divers that reach ‘the crossroads’, the dilemma known to so many, the question is clear – do I try tech diving, or do I stay with recreational diving? In this article, I don’t mean to go over some of the

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Product recall on all tank pressure transmitters from Suunto

Posted by - 6th July 2017

Suunto has identified a potential safety risk affecting all Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs, which wirelessly transmit tank air pressure to compatible Suunto dive computers. In two reported incidents, the exterior case of a Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter has failed during regular dry land pressure testing. Although extremely rare, this

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Diver waits 90 minutes for helicopter airlift

Posted by - 3rd July 2017

Fears that the axing of the Portland coastguard helicopter would put lives at risk seemed to be borne out when literally the day after the aircraft was retired, a stricken diver had a 90-minute wait to be airlifted for emergency treatment. The Portland helicopter was retired on Friday 30 June after patrolling the area for

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BSAC’s first Try Tech event a great success

Posted by - 20th June 2017

Fifty divers took a 30-minute rebreather trydive at Stoney Cove over the weekend of 20/21 May as part of BSAC’s very-first Try Tech event. Hosted by BSAC East Midlands Coaching Region with support from BSAC’s Technical Group, Try Tech offered have-a-go sessions for ‘CCR first-timers’ as well as the chance for existing rebreather divers to

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Santi ‘Find the Eagle’ expedition is completed

Posted by - 13th June 2017

On 10 June, the expedition Santi Odnalezc Orla 2017 was completed. The 21-day exploration of the North Sea resulted in the verification of 34 unmarked wrecks, one of which has most likely been identified as the wreck of the British submarine HMS Narwhal. Alas, team members failed to locate the position of the legendary Polish

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