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World’s largest wedding in a water-filled cave


World’s largest wedding in a water-filled cave

Norwegian Ina Trælnes and Finn Jani Santala are aiming for the Guinness World Records. On 10 August, they have invited 70 guests to an underground wedding in the heart of the Norwegian mountains. The ceremony will be held deep inside the family cave, Plura, the largest water-filled cave in northern Europe. Official record title – Largest dive access only water-locked wedding ceremony.

“For us, this is the ultimate love story. The diving community is like family to us, and we are so happy that people are travelling from all over the world to make it for our special day. Cave diving is what brought us together, and to be able to have the wedding here in Plura is perfect. The ceremony will take place in the massive dry chamber – recently named ‘The Chapel’. There is even an altar-shaped rock there,” says the bride, Ina Trælnes.

World’s largest wedding in a water-filled cave

To reach ‘The Chapel’, they are diving 450 metres into the cave, following beautiful marble passages that have been carved by the flowing masses of water over the span of millions of years. 70 cave-diving friends are invited from all over the world, some travelling as far as from Singapore, Japan and Thailand. In total, more than 200 people will be attending the wedding.

“For those who are not able to join us in the cave, we will live-stream the ceremony on big screens in the viewing tent. We have a professional underwater film team documenting everything, as well as one of the leading underwater photographers in the Nordics, Pekka Tuuri, who will capture epic still pictures,” says Ina Trælnes.

Photo credit: Pekka Tuuri

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