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Nemo's crabby room-mate at Wakatobi

Anemone-dwelling clownfish are a favourite with critter-watchers and underwater photographers. But these colourful little fish aren't the only creatures that take up residency among...

Wakatobi's burping sponges

Slow, reclusive and lacking in both offensive and defensive weaponry – not to mention being far from streamlined – the frogfish wouldn’t seem to...

Overhangs add extra elements to wall dives

Wall dives. Swimming along the face of a sheer underwater wall is an awe-inspiring experience. But as visually exciting as a big-picture view of...

Wakatobi's breath-hold champions

You may know that turtles are not amphibians, they are air-breathing reptiles with lungs, which means they must come up for air every so...

Pelagian is back to set the standard

Indonesia's premier dive yacht returned to service in June of 2022 and is already earning five-star reviews from guests. “Sheer perfection,” said John Ratliff. “This defines...

Meet Wakatobi's hidden hunter

Slow, reclusive, and lacking in both offensive and defensive weaponry, the frogfish wouldn’t seem to have the tools needed to become a lethal predator....

Wall to wall diving at Wakatobi

Floating on the face of a sheer underwater wall is a visually exciting experience — especially when an underwater cliff rises close to the...



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