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Scuba diving hotspots from all around the world

Planning your next scuba diving week away, or dreaming up your next tropical bucket-list destination? Dive in to reports of scuba diving sites and locations from all around the world

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Wakatobi's Dive Yacht Pelagian cruising past the resort.
Wakatobi’s Dive Yacht Pelagian

High style diving aboard Pelagian reveals the never-ending riches of Indonesia’s underwater realm Each evening just before sunset, coral laced rock piles around the base

Purple hairy squat lobster (Lauriea siagiani)
Wakatobi’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Locate a sea anemone and you’ll probably run into some of Nemo’s cohabiting cousins. Take a closer look among the undulating tentacles and you might also happen upon a tiny harlequin crab slurping up food scraps from its host’s leftover dinner.

Raja Ampat Local Activities Guide
Raja Ampat Local Activities Guide

Raja Ampat Local Activities Guide, these are some of the Topside Highlights If you’ve never been to Raja Ampat before, you’re in for the vacation

How To Get to Raja Ampat
How To Get to Raja Ampat

How To Get To Raja Ampat, Indonesia With the development of transport services to the area, there is now an airport that is serviceable by

Bobtail squid at Wakatobi dive site Zoo.
Let’s Go to The Zoo

Wakatobi’s Dive Site #3, The Zoo A zoo is a place that can be enjoyed by everyone. So it’s a fitting name for one of

Jupiter Lighthouse
Jupiter’s Hole In The Wall Dive Site

Walt Stearn’s pays a visit to Jupiter’s Hole-in-the-Wall dive site, one of the most-popular ‘technical depth’ locations in the area. Every destination has its ‘signature