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Clowning around at Wakatobi

Clownfish – aka anemonefish – have been a favourite with divers long before Disney turned one into a movie star. You can find quite...

Divers get ‘flashed’ at Wakatobi

When divers returned to Wakatobi Resort after two years of COVID-related closures, they were delighted to see that the corals and marine life were...

Diving Wakatobi ‘your way’

Novice, enthusiast or fanatic? Leader, follower or soloist? Whatever your scuba diving style and abilities, you are welcome at Wakatobi Resort. Thanks to the...

The ultimate night dive location?

Wakatobi is known for spectacular over-the-water sunsets, but that spectacle isn't the end of the diving day. After dark, familiar sites take on a...
Stunning Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

Stunning Borneo Divers Mabul Resort

Borneo Divers Mabul Resort Delightfully Enlarged and Upgraded Borneo Divers Mabul Resort (Borneo Divers), a pioneer dive operator of Sipadan Island, globally known as one...

Wakatobi’s runway-to-reef service is back

Wakatobi has resumed direct guest flights flight from Bali to the resort's private airstrip. This cuts travel time to just 2.5 hours by eliminating...

Pelagian – world-class diving in first-class style

From its home base at Wakatobi Resort, the dive yacht Pelagian provides liveaboard adventures through the Wakatobi Archipelago and the muck-diving mecca of South...
Tiger Shark - Scuba Diving In Fiji

Where is the best scuba diving in Fiji?

Fiji Scuba Diving Known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, but does it deserve this title, and is it worth travelling thousands of...
Scuba Diving Perhentian Islands and Lang Tengah

Scuba Diving Perhentian Islands and Lang Tengah

Malaysia Scuba Diving, at the stunning Perhentian Islands & Lang Tengah Terengganu is formidable for its rustic charm, quaint fishing villages and picturesque offshore...

Meet Wakatobi’s tiny cheerleaders

Wakatobi's reefs are home to some strange critters, and one of the most-endearing is the so-called pom pom crab. Pom pom crabs are clever little...