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Where To Dive Like It’s Shark Week Every Week

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There is nothing quite like the first moment a great white shark approaches and you see first-hand how charismatic and graceful they are. It can be a life-changing event and it is a great way to dispel any fear of sharks whilst also supporting their conservation.


Where Can I Cage Dive With Sharks?

There are various destinations where divers, and non-divers alike, can cage dive with sharks, be that with great white sharks or other species. This variety of destinations allows people to choose a location that is convenient, plus a dive style that is suitable for the experience level of the group.

The premier great white shark diving destination is Guadalupe Island and this special place is visited regularly by the Shark Week team. Guadalupe liveaboard diving offers cage diving with great white sharks in crystal clear warm waters, where divers can enjoy the sharks interacting with each other. Divers can spend many hours in the water and dive at depth or at the surface, depending on their experience level and preference.

There are a variety of liveaboards that offer cage diving at Guadalupe, including the Nautilus Explorer.

Destinations such as Hawaii offer cage diving with other types of sharks. More information about the top places for shark cage diving can be found within Where to Cage Dive with Sharks.


When Can I Cage Dive With Sharks?

The best time to visit Guadalupe Island depends on which sharks you want to dive with. The energetic male sharks are present around July and August time each year, whereas the huge females arrive in October.


Who Can Cage Dive With Sharks?

Anyone! One of the advantages of cage diving is that it offers the opportunity to experience open-ocean shark dives without needing to be a strong swimmer or qualified diver. It is an experience suitable for all.


Top Tips For Cage Diving With Sharks

Whilst cage diving is straight-forward and has a low risk of injury, there are extra considerations to take for a comfortable and safe experience.

  • Choose The Right Exposure Suit For The Destination

Cage diving is relatively inactive and divers can get cold quickly in the cage. The right thickness wetsuit, plus using gloves and a hood, can help keep divers warm and allow for more time with the sharks. A thick rash vest can also add a layer of warmth for the core.

  • Take Extra Clothing For Warmth And Quick Removal Pre-Dive

Taking extra clothing for warmth and quick removal when sharks arrive is a good idea. A woolly hat and windproof jacket over a wetsuit keep heat in whilst waiting for sharks to arrive, and can be removed quickly when it’s time to dive.

  • Choose The Right Dive Depth & Air Source For Your Experience Level

Shark cage diving is suitable for divers and non-divers alike. When choosing the right destination for cage diving, it is important to consider what type of air source and dive depth is right for your experience level. There are plenty of options available and divers may wish to choose a surface-based dive using breath-hold or hookah system, or perhaps a deep cage dive with open circuit scuba.


Stay tuned for Part II and MORE top tips for cage diving with sharks.



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