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Wheelsdan taking to Main Stage at GO Diving Show



BREAKING NEWS – In a late addition to the speaking roster, inspirational three-time world record holder Dan ‘Wheelsdan' Metcalfe will be rounding out the GO Diving Show on the Main Stage on Sunday afternoon.

Dan really shows what someone is capable of even when they have been dealt a seriously bad hand in life. In 2014, after ten years as a builder, he was involved in a significant motorcycle accident that left him a t8 paraplegic, meaning from just above his stomach down he had no movement or feeling.

After three and a half months in hospital, he threw himself into sports, and eventually settled on hand-cycling, becoming fifth in the UK.

Disaster struck for a second time in 2018 when during a 600-mile charity bike ride, he was hit from behind by a car, causing compression at c4 (neck).

Dan has become well known as ‘Wheelsdan'

This didn't stop Dan, who then dedicated himself to scuba diving. Over the next four years, he worked his way up to Dive Leader and Assistant Instructor, completing oxygen administration, boat handling, compressor operator, AED and BLS. He did his first-ever sea dive up in Scapa Flow, and has dived in the Caribbean with Aquanauts Grenada.

He has done many other crazy things, including Tough Mudder, abseiling, skiing, half-marathons and soon the London Marathon, but his true passion is diving, breaking down boundaries and barriers in disability sports and proving what can be accomplished.

His aim is to become a disabled instructor trainer, teaching others how to instruct a disabled student – and possibly break a few more world records.

He will be chatting to Andy Torbet in what is sure to be an eye-opening and inspirational experience – what better way to close out the 2023 GO Diving Show?

Dan preparing to enter the water for his record breaking dive

GO Diving Show Main Stage schedule

Saturday 4 March

10.30am-11.15am –    Patrick Widmann (Expeditions around the world)

11.30am-12.15pm –    Andy Torbet and Chris Jewell (Cave diving and exploration)

12.30pm-1.15pm –     Liz Parkinson (Hollywood stunt performer, freediver and shark wrangler)

1.30pm-2.15pm –       Ross Kemp (TV presenter, award-winning film-maker, actor)

2.30pm-3.15pm –       Cristina Zenato (‘Mother of Sharks' and cave explorer)

3.30pm-5pm –            Alex Mustard (Underwater Photographer of the Year winners presentation)

Sunday 5 March

10.30am-11.15am –    Liz Parkinson (Hollywood stunt performer, freediver and shark wrangler)

11.30am-12.15pm –    Ross Kemp (TV presenter, award-winning film-maker, actor)

12.30pm-1.15pm –     Cristina Zenato (‘Mother of Sharks' and cave explorer)

1.30pm-2.15pm –       Patrick Widmann (Expeditions around the world)

2.30pm-3.15pm –       Natalie Hewit (Finding Shackleton's Endurance)

3.30pm-4pm –            Dan ‘Wheelsdan' Metcalfe (1 man, 2 accidents and 3 world records)

GO Diving Show – tickets now available!

Ross Kemp
The GO Diving Show in 2023 is partnered with Seiko Prospex

Tickets are now available for the GO Diving Show, partnered with Seiko Prospex, which is on 4-5 March 2023 and is once again taking place at the NAEC Stoneleigh, on Stoneleigh Park, slap-bang in the middle of England. Tickets are £15 per person, and group discounts are available, so rustle up your dive club or dive centre members and plan a great day out to kickstart the UK season. Remember, complimentary parking is included in your ticket price!

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Wendy Louise Metcalfe
Wendy Louise Metcalfe
1 year ago

Amazing! You kept that one quiet Daniel! See you on Sunday. Very proud of you, Mum and Dad

1 year ago

Hahaha yep I did see you Sunday 😁


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