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Waterhaul supports Dive Project Cornwall


Waterhaul supports Dive Project Cornwall
Waterhaul supports Dive Project Cornwall

Innovative plastic-recycled-material manufacturer Waterhaul is the latest brand to throw their support behind Dive Project Cornwall.

The project continues to take pace and has now engaged 259 secondary schools across the UK, and estimate their education programme about the importance of the ocean has now reached over 250,000 pupils.

Dive Project Cornwall has raised over £180,000 to deliver the educational tools to schools, and at the heart of the project is a competition for 20 schools to win a place for 20 of their students to take enjoy a life-changing trip to experience the ocean and learn to scuba dive (20 schools, each bringing 20 young people = 400 young people).

Andy sporting a pair of Waterhaul sunglasses
Andy sporting a pair of Waterhaul sunglasses

Waterhaul – we had to get involved

On hearing of the project, Waterhaul – who make sunglasses from ghost nets – decided they had to get involved. Striking a new sponsorship deal around their sunglasses range, co-founder and COO Gavin Parker said: “We're really proud to be supporting Dive Project Cornwall and their amazing efforts to offer young people a chance to immerse themselves in the ocean, and learn about the importance of the marine environment.

“Myself and Harry (Waterhaul's CEO) have backgrounds in marine conservation and are divers ourselves. Therefore, we fully understand how this is not just an incredibly exciting programme for these teenagers, but also a crucial opportunity to educate the younger generation about the threats faced by marine life, and how they can support conservation efforts to preserve it for future generations.”

Dive Project Cornwall’s Project Director Andy Forster said: “It’s brilliant to find another business that gets what we are doing – and Waterhaul certainly get it. Our desire to educate the future generation as to the part the ocean plays in our very own existence is so important. Thanks to Kieran, Gavin and Harry for getting on board and helping us to do just that while providing an amazing opportunity to 400 young people.”

Dive Project Cornwall continues to drive to its funding goal, with all of its support coming through sponsorships from businesses and individuals that genuinely care about education, environment and experience.

Want to get involved and make a difference – contact Andy via email or call: 07711 160590.

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Martin Peake
Martin Peake
2 years ago

I’ve got new Waterhaul glasses and a team in the last round of Dive Project Cornwall building a huge whale from recycled plastic. I feel like a winner already!


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