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VMS RedBare CCR price slashed


VMS Rebreathers have announced a considerable cut in the retail price of its class-leading closed circuit rebreather, the VMS RedBare CCR. The new price point makes the VMS RedBare CCR not only one of the most-advanced rebreathers on the market, but also one of the most affordable.

It is common knowledge that the initial purchase price of CCR is a common barrier for those who long to appreciate the benefits of silent, bubble-free diving, warm gas and, of course, the lower gas prices that are the hallmark of CCR diving. With the price of helium becoming increasingly high, more and more open circuit divers are starting to appreciate the many benefits that a CCR like the VMS RedBare can deliver.

By moving its manufacturing in-house, VMS Rebreathers has been able to make considerable gains in quality control and has made cost savings that they are thrilled to be able to pass onto their customers. The headline price for a brand-new VMS RedBare CCR is now just £6,500 including VAT – that’s a drop of almost £1,500. The only difference between this and previous version of the RedBare CCR is the removal of the TPM (stack temperature monitor) – after much testing, VMS concluded that more accurate, live calculation of remaining CO2 scrubber life is available from the unit’s live CO2 monitoring and its patented Metabolic Rate Counter.

Let’s be clear – the VMS RedBare CCR is a full, no-compromise 100m-capable unit with CO2 monitoring, back-up PO2 monitoring and deco calculation for £6,500, making it not only one of the most-capable and well-specified units on the market but also one of the safest! This price drop further cements the RedBare’s position as a class-leading product chosen by sport divers and cutting-edge dive explorers alike.

For more information on the VMS RedBare CCR, visit the VMS website: www.vmsrebreathers.com

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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
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