Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Aggressor Safari Lodges – Sri Lanka

The untamed luxury of our Aggressor Safari Lodge in Sri Lanka is built on the river bank of the amazing Wilpattu National Park. Populated with leopards,...

Solo Diver Vs The Insta-Buddy… 5 Tips For the Best Experience

Solo Diver Vs The Insta-Buddy I've been faced with the Solo Diver Vs Insta-Buddy scenario quite a bit recently, as my wife, my favorite dive...

Why The Standard Scuba Setup Is Wrong

So this one may ruffle some feathers, just like many things in life when you first start out there are guides on all the...

Scuba Mask: 7 Tips For Choosing A Better Scuba Mask

Before You Buy Your next Scuba Mask... Here's everything you need to know! If you're new to diving, looking to upgrade your dive gear or...

The One Scuba Diving Accessory I’d Hate To Get In The Water Without in...

A Scuba Diving Accessory that might just save your life... Safe Scuba Diving is all about risk management. We accept the inherent dangers of humans...

Dive Instructor Ranks 24 Scuba Specialty Courses…Good, Bad and Ugly

So. Many. Scuba Specialty Courses. How can you tell which ones are worth your time and money? This dive instructor is separating the good, from...

Dive with giant Pacific Manta Rays Aboard the Socorro Aggressor

The Socorro Aggressor™ is the 24th yacht in the Aggressor fleet of liveaboards. The 135-foot yacht offers 26 guests the same beautiful accommodations and...

Bare Ultrawarmth 7mm Hood & Glove Review

Bare Ultrawarmth Review Mark Evans looks at some fascinating new technology from Baresports that is really keeping us warm in the water. From the manufacturers website MAKE...

Mares XR Line Cutter Review

Mares XR Line Cutter Mark Evans reviews the essential piece of equipment that every dive should have. From the manufacturers website. DESCRIPTION S/L Β TITANIUM ALLOY -...
Beuchat Maxlux Svideo

2 Minute Scuba Review – Beuchat Maxlux S

Beuchat Maxlux S Review Mark Evans reviews the Beuchat Maxlux S mask which is super soft and a firm favourite of ours. From the manufacturers...

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