This week’s video by Henry Hall features brilliant footage of larger marine life – from graceful whale sharks in the Philippines and loggerhead turtles in the Bahamas, to impressive bull sharks and friendly sea lions in Mexico.

Here’s Henry’s story behind the video:

“I live in NYC and there are a few dive clubs in the city and surrounding areas. One of the oldest dive clubs in the city is the NYC Sea Gypsies. They have a subgroup called the Underwater Photographic Society which meets monthly at a local bar or restaurant. Each month there is a different topic, this month the topic was Big Animals. In this short video, I’ve compiled five moments of big animals that I’ve seen so far and recorded with my GoPro.”

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Our video wall is sponsored by Paralenz, and each week we’ll be posting a video either from the guys at Paralenz or a guest video picked from our user-generated uploads showcasing the best of diving, conservation, travel and more!

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Key Features

Get all the colours without colour filters

The most light-sensitive underwater action camera

Automatically start and stop recording

Battery for several dives

Waterproof to 200m/656ft

Use the click-mount system for fast and easy mounting

Fixed-mount system that connects to ball mounts, tripod mounts and more.

Simple enough for anyone to operate

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Lorna Dockerill
Lorna fell in love with scuba diving back in 2011 during a trip to Thailand and Australia. Having always dreamt of seeing a sea turtle in the wild, her dream was realised on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef while training to become a certified diver. Since then she’s developed a passion for the natural world, writing about wildlife photography – both the on land and underwater kind – for the past eight years.


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