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Update to Palm Beach County, Florida’s Reopening Their Doors to Scuba Divers



Back in early May, Palm Beach County began allowing dive boats to operate once again provided that they fallow the guides set forth by CDC and State of Florida. The most significant restriction for these charter services was in the number of passengers they can take, which was limited to a max of 8 per boat, plus a crew compliment not exceeding 2 on the main deck.

As of June 10th, 2020, Palm Beach County has removed this one limitation in lieu of social distancing allow boats with a larger capacity the option to take larger groups. This change in policy has now been placed in the hands of the dive operators to self-regulate how they are to keep guests socially distanced based on their vessel’s size rather than sticking to the one size fits all approach.

While this new change is now effect, both dive operations and patrons are still required to abide by the rest of the guidelines that were first put in place for Covid-19 such as maintaining distancing at check-in and wearing face masks even when on board.

If you are not sure what is generally required in terms of action and behavior when diving with dive charters in Palm Beach County, go to this page – Palm Beach County, Florida Reopens Their Doors to Scuba Divers

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