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Unique wine raises funds for Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation


Shark fan and wine importer David Paddle, founder of Black Dog Wine Agency, has just launched two outstanding bottles of South African wine — Blacktail and Whitefin — to help raise money to support Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation.

The organic wines, from a WWF-certified vineyard, feature eye-catching labels that celebrate two little-known sharks found off the coast of South Africa.

Available only from www.blackdogwineagency.com, the Blacktail Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier costs £18, and the Whitefin Pinot Grigio white wine costs £12. Half the profit from each bottle goes to Bite-Back to support its campaigns to end the sale of shark products in the UK.

David Paddle said: “Protecting the marine environment and enjoying great wine are two passions in my life. The development of these delicious Blacktail and Whitefin wines has allowed me to combine these obsessions and contribute to the success of Bite-Back, a charity I’ve admired for a long time.”

On the reverse of the wine bottle the label describes the characteristics of each wine and highlights the fact that one-in-four shark species is listed as threatened, along with an acknowledgement of the partnership with Bite-Back.

The Blacktail wine delivers rich red fruit flavours, soft ripe tannins and fresh herbal aromas rounded off with spicy notes, while the Whitefin wine boasts fresh tropical aromas with pear and crisp mineral flavours.

Graham Buckingham, campaign director for Bite-Back, said: “This new partnership has to be one of our favourites and we expect the wines to be a big hit with divers and shark fans during the Christmas period and for special occasions. We’ve terrifically grateful to Black Dog Wine Agency for choosing us to benefit from this stunning and memorable wine.”

The wine can be ordered online via www.blackdogwineagency.com or by calling 01565 723154. Delivery can be organised to arrive on a date of your choice.

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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
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