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Know your F-stop from your aperture, and your shutter speed from your ISO, or just starting out in underwater photography? Dive in for inspirational and informative interviews, videos and news

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Back to school
Back To School Of Fish

A vast school of fish swimming together is always impressive. However, taking a good picture is not always easy – as Mario Vitalini explains, the

The Famous 5 Underwater Subjects

This issue, photo pro Mario Vitalini examines various crowd-pleasing subjects you absolutely must have in your portfolio. Underwater photographers are slightly obsessed with finding rare

UPY 2022
UPY 2022 winners announced

An astounding photo of five whalesharks feeding together at night in the waters of the Maldives sees Rafael Fernandez Caballero from Spain named Underwater Photographer

Anilao Underwater Shootout
Anilao Underwater Shootout

Anilao Underwater Shootout stages a successful comeback BATANGAS–Amateur and professional underwater photographers, divers, and marine enthusiasts once again masterfully captured the beauty of Anilao in