Stunning Blackwater World of Cozumel

Mike Bartick goes on a journey through the Blackwater world of Cozumel I love to blackwater dive in any location I visit as I feel...
Black Angler

Hunting the Black Angler

Nicolas and Lena Remy go Hunting the Black Angler for that elusive perfect photograph  Introduction to Anglerfish Who wouldn’t enjoy spotting an anglerfish during a dive (or frogfish, as...
Mexico Whale Shark Feeding

Don Silcock Q and A

Scuba Diver Mag Delves into what makes Don Silcock tick in this informative Q&A Don Silcock has just joined the Scuba Diver Team as our...
Scuba Diving Sudan Shark Dive Expedition

The Blackwater World: Jack and Jelly a Curious Relationship

Each Month Mike Bartick takes us on a journey through the Blackwater world This month his focus is on the the Jellyfish Mention the word Jellyfish...
Vivian Dive Centre

Underwater Photographer Simon Lorenz Q&A

Scuba Diver talks to Underwater Photographer Simon Lorenz Q&A What inspired you to first get into underwater photography Even on my very first dive I had...
Here Come the Turtles

Here Come the Turtles

Underwater photography guru Mario Vitalini turns his attentions to one of the perennial diver favourites – the turtle  Photographs by Mario Vitalini Turtles have undeniable charisma....
a juvenile orca, some three to four years old, and around three-and-a-half metres long

A Break for Marine Life

The Covid 19 Pandemic has given a much need break to Marine life Good things come to those who wait. Underwater photography guru Mario Vitalini...
Close Focus Wide Angle technique

Close Focus Wide Angle technique

Nicolas and Lena Remy offer great photography hints and tips for Close Focus Wide Angle Intro Underwater photographs are often categorized into one two broad categories:...

Living in the Dark The Blackwater Diving World

Living in the dark the Blackwater World with Mike Bartick Its late in the evening, our gear is set and our dive team is getting...
Slowing Things Down Underwater by Mario Vitalini

Slowing Things Down Underwater by Mario Vitalini

Mario Vitalini explains how using a slow shutter speed, combined with a range of different techniques, can add a whole new dimension to your...

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Reels v spools

We said it before, and it is worth saying again - a DSMB should be one safety tool that accompanies you on every ocean...

Maldives and Red Sea are go!