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UN Calls for ‘End’ of Throwaway Plastic For Cleaner Oceans


UN Environment ministers have pledged to stop throwaway plastic during a meeting in Kenya.

A document was signed off outlining that the flow of plastic into the ocean needs to be stopped.

According to BBC News, scientists welcomed the announcement, but have expressed concerns that the ‘agreement was only based in principle, with no firm targets or timetables.’

The agreement is a milestone, ministers say, as it signals to governments, industry and the public that significant change is called for.

Vidar Helgesen, Norway’s Environment Minister who has been leading the UN debate on plastic pollution, told BBC News: “What we came here with was the need for action. The starting point was aiming for zero emission of marine litter. So it’s effectively a breakthrough for zero emission of plastic into the ocean.”

Plastics are already damaging marine life, with climate change and multiple types of pollution also having an effect.

The news report claims that making plastic litter a thing of the past will require ‘new technology and attitudes from the public.’

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