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Travel restrictions reinstated to Federated States of Micronesia


Travel restrictions and quarantine requirements imposed on countries other than China by President David Panuelo of the Federated States of Micronesia have been reinstated – just days after they were lifted by resolution of the country’s Twenty-first Congress.

The travel ban, which was set forth in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus, was initially included in the Public Health Emergency Declaration for FSM that was instated on 31 January by President Panuelo. That Declaration has been extended for up to 60 days from that date, according to the Congressional resolution. However, when we went to press on 12 February, the travel ban had been lifted, giving visitors the green light to continue their plans for visiting Micronesia.

The latest news coming out of the region is that the travel restrictions and quarantine requirements have been reinstated at least until the end of February.





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  1. Is there any advice, please, for those of us whose planned trips to Micronesia are threatened by the current restrictions?
    I have a 2-week trip planned from mid March 2020, travelling from UK.
    It is unrealistic for me to add on two weeks quarantine in a country without confirmed cases of COVID-19.
    If our trip is cancelled, as seems likely, where does the liability lie? Is it with our Agent, or are we reliant on our travel insurance?
    It seems some insurance cover kicks in only when the travel ban results from UK FCO advice. In this case, though, the restriction is being imposed by the destination country.
    Any advice would be gratefully received.

  2. Hi Tim
    I’m also due to travel on the 17th March on a trip to Truk, I’ve contacted my travel insurance Co. (Westfield) and they say we’re not covered by them, it would need to be Atol/Abta, FSM update due again on the 13th March but things seem to be getting worse rather than better. Can only hope we can put it on hold until things return to normality.

  3. I’m scheduled to fly from Calgary, Canada to Guam on March 15th, and aboard the Odyssey in Truk from March 21-28. I’m not sure if all insurance policies are the same when it comes to a situation like this. I contacted my travel agent, explained the situation (forwarded her information from fsmgov website) and will wait until March 13th before deciding whether or not to cancel/re-book my flights to a later date (which is quite literally waiting until the last minute). I was told that because of these unique circumstances, the cost to re-book my flights would be covered by my insurance. I have my fingers crossed and am hoping they will not extend the ban past the 13th.

  4. Another update:

    Bad news. Spoke with Odyssey today and was told that the individual states within FSM have decided to either overrule congress or not. Truk has decided to re-instate the 14-day quarantine, so I’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel my trip and wait to re-book until things go back to normal.

  5. Not having a great deal of success retrieving funds from our trip provider (Thorfinn) for our cancelled trip to Truk, March 7 to 14. My Travel Agent, who has been golden in past trips has issued an Airfare Refund Form, to attempt collection from Air Canada/United Airlines…so far, nothing!

    The provider has offered a 100% “rain check” to be used within 9 months, if we can “add a few buds”, when we rebook! For those of us who are still fully employed, nine months doesn’t work well. I do understand the mind set of businesses within FSM, and the airlines, attempting to hold collected money (One does not know how long the economy can survive this) however this represents a considerable investment which is hanging in limbo!

  6. Wow, that really sucks. Odyssey is going to let me re-book whenever I want, no time limit (provided they can weather the storm, like many other businesses right now). Airlines are allowing me to re-book within one year, with the possibility of extending that if needed. I used a travel agent for my flights and they were very helpful. Should I need to re-book my flights beyond the one-year mark, I may have to go through my insurance.

    If you need to cancel completely, maybe the credit card company can help?


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