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Top Tips For Selecting A Good Scuba Mask


Greg from Scuba Radio
Greg from Scuba Radio

Before You Buy Your next Scuba Mask… Hear us out

If you're new to diving or looking to upgrade your dive gear, here are seven easy deciding factors for buying your new scuba mask.

A well fitting, high quality scuba mask will last you for years. I probably own over 20 dive masks that have either been given to me to test or as gifts (I have a drawer full of them in my dive locker!), but I've dived with the same mask for the last eight years. Why? Because it's a high quality mask and it happens to fit my wide, gorilla-like face.

I have one Dive Instructor friend who has been diving with the same scuba mask for 20 years. If you invest in quality, the mask will last you for a long time and ensure great scuba dives. This is true of all dive gear.

On the other hand, cheap or poorly made scuba masks can ruin your diving. There is nothing more annoying on a dive than a constantly leaking or flooding mask. Most often, the problem is either poor build quality or an improper fit.

A well-fitted scuba mask is especially important for newly qualified open water divers and those new to scuba diving in general. It's one of the most basic pieces of scuba gear and yet it has such a big impact on how confident you feel in the water. Your first dives after getting scuba certified are huge for building confidence and the last thing you want to be doing is fighting with your dive gear!

When I worked for a major scuba gear retailer, I saw two kinds of people come into the store looking for a mask. There were those who would walk up to our scuba mask display, grab a mask that looked good to them, not even fit it or try it on in any way, bring it up to the counter, pay and leave! Then you had those who would go up and down the scuba mask aisle and try on every mask we had and ask questions of our staff. This is absolutely the correct approach.

The most common question we would get from people shopping for a scuba mask was: ‘Which mask do you dive/think is the best?' It's both an easy and impossible question to answer. I can tell you what mask I think is the best, the one I dive, because it fits me perfectly. But that doesn't mean that it's perfect for YOU!

All we are trying to do here is make sure that your dive mask purchase is not an after thought. It's true masks are not the most expensive piece of scuba equipment, when compared to regulators, BCDs or Dive Computers, but that doesn't mean it does not deserve the same level of consideration, possibly even more so because masks are such a personal piece of gear.

In this video, we're going over a step by step process to ensure you get the perfect fit, for the most enjoyable level of dive comfort. We're going deep into the terminology of the different mask designs and components and breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of each scuba mask style.

My name is James Blackman and I am a professional Technical Diving Instructor. I use YouTube to help certified divers take their scuba experiences to the next level through inspirational videography, practical knowledge sharing, and relevant tools so they can make their next dive better than their last dive. So if you enjoyed this content, you should absolutely check out the rest of our Divers Ready! and on our YouTube Channel.

Thanks so much for watching. Dive Safe, Dive Often.


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