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5 Tips for Open Water Divers


Top 5 Tips for Open Water Drivers
Top 5 Tips for Open Water Drivers

You can't learn to scuba dive through the INTERNET!

You've just finished your Open Water Scuba Certification.

What's next?

This Mouthpiece Monday, we are giving you our top 5 tips for newly certified entry-level scuba divers. How do you get from 4-5 dives logged to 50? Where can you turn to for advice after you've said good bye to your Open Water Scuba Instructor? When is the right time to purchase scuba diving gear? We've packed this episode with advice for you, my newly-certified open water diver!

We'd love to hear from Dive Instructors in the comments… what are your top 5 pieces of advice to your open water students when the scuba lessons are done?… GO! Check out 5 things you should ask your dive instructor and 5 ways to use less gas when diving

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Or if you just finished your Open Water course, what hints and tips did your Instructor share with you?

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