Save £250. Lembeh’s premier muck and critter dive centre! Lembeh Resort See for yourself why our divers love Lembeh resort. Nudibranches, octopus, shrimp, frogfish and many other fascinating little critters await you in Lembeh, the muck capital of Indonesia. Your SUMMER special includes 17 air dives and 7 nights in a garden room in on a full board basis (2 people sharing).

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The diving in Lembeh straits is usually referred to as muck or critter diving. This is a unique experience, driven by the desire to find those unique and strange beasties that are so common in this part of Indonesia. Enter a world underwater filled with mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, every kind of frogfish and pygmy sea horses… to name but a few of the special sightings. What a lot of people don’t realise is that there are also several coral sites, where you can get some stunning reef scenes

* prices are subject to change according to availability at the time of booking

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Juvenile boxfish are among the sweetest fish you can find in Lembeh. This beautiful portrait was taken by our in house photo pro, Mario Vitalini. See it for yourself, join one of our great deals to Lembeh or any other Indonesia destination where boxfish are among the many critters you can find. See our latest Indonesian offers


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