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To denote dangerous or unexplored territories on navigational charts in medieval times often included small illustrations of dragons, sea monsters and other mythological creatures. Wakatobi does have dragons, albeit they are quite small.

Divers who take a closer look at the reefs of Wakatobi might just run into what looks like a diminutive undersea dragon with jaws agape. In fact, they've found a ribbon eel. These skinny members of the moray family begin life as jet-black males, then turn a bright blue as they mature. Finding a ribbon eel in its terminal yellow phase is relatively rare, as this is a sign that they have made their final transition to a female. 

The ribbon eels (Rhinomuraena quaesita) are recognizable by their long, thin body, high dorsal fins and expanded anterior nostrils bare an uncanny similarity to a mythical Chinese dragon.
Recognizable by their long, thin body, high dorsal fins and expanded anterior nostrils ribbon eels (Rhinomuraena quaesita) bare an uncanny similarity to a mythical Chinese dragon. 

These colorful “sea dragons” are just one of many unique creatures that can be found on the protected reefs surrounding Wakatobi Dive Resort and the regions visited by the resort’s dive liveaboard Pelagian.

Wakatobi Dive Resort, home to Indonesia’s Finest Coral Reefs 

Wakatobi Dive Resort is situated in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, in the heart of the coral triangle. Known for its magnificent and highly protected coral reefs – from its famous House Reef and 42 plus surrounding named dive sites – this idyllic island paradise, located 750 km east Bali, is easily accessible through the resort’s private guest flight

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Walt Stearns
Walt Stearns
Editor for Scuba Diver Magazine's North America edition, Walt Stearns, has been involved in the diving industry for more than 30 years. As one of the most prolific photojournalists in diving media Walt’s articles and images have appeared in a wide range of national and international diving, water sports and travel titles.
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