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The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush, Great Whites of Guadalupe

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The moment is incredible when you first look out into the clear blue water and see that tiny spot. It gets more amazing as the dot gets closer and closer and larger and larger. Soon you are looking straight into the eye of a great white shark, one of the apex predators of the world. What a thrill!


The four-night Guadalupe itinerary provides an adventure to shark seekers who enter surface or submersible cages to experience seeing great whites up close and personal. The Socorro Aggressors anchorage is in a sheltered bay near Guadalupe Island where the cage diving shark encounter action will take place in clear blue water. The yacht stays here for three dive days where guests will rotate entering the cages every hour while seeing several sharks during each dive.


Guadalupe Island is located 200 miles southwest of Ensenada, Mexico on the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula. The island is a Biosphere Reserve that is home to hundreds of migratory Great White Sharks Excellent visibility, up to 100 feet, makes this place the best on earth to dive with the great white shark.


A Season for Adventure

Guadalupe gives divers this opportunity each year between July and December as the Great White Sharks gather there. The clear water makes viewing them here the best place in the world.

No Training Required, just an Appetite for Adventure

Socorro Aggressor™ shark cage dives do not require special certifications or training. Dive equipment is provided and rental UW cameras are available from the onboard photo pro.


A Floating Resort

The beautiful 135 foot Socorro Aggressor will pamper 26 guests the luxury and signature amenities that Aggressor Liveaboards® has been offering around the world for 35 years.


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