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The Lady Musgrave Experience



We recently connected with Brett Lakey, Owner of Lady Musgrave Experience on the many New Remote Great Barrier Reef Dive Sites they are now offering for a world-class Scuba Diving Experience.

The Lady Musgrave Experience

Brett, Why is the Southern Great Barrier Reef such a great scuba dive zone for the Great Barrier Reef?

Its unique and remote location. The inaccessibility is so appealing as it makes this area virtually untouched and with the low diving numbers in these relatively unknown locations, it makes it such an incredibly attractive diving experience that most divers have never had the chance to experience.

If I’m a diver & I want to dive the Great Barrier Reef why should I come to the Southern Great Barrier Reef?

It’s the ease of access via Lady Musgrave Experience to such world-class dive sites. The pristine corals, the megafauna experience, the diversity of marine life and fish are just amazing and all of this is so close to Brisbane – only a 4 hour drive or less than one hour flight.

The Lady Musgrave Experience

What does a world-class dive site mean, what’s world-class about them?

Amazing visibility and consistently, on average 25 to 35 m, relatively shallow dives, means fast turnaround,  pristine corals formations, diverse marine life. We have Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles, whales in season, all the megafauna, hundreds to thousands of species of fish life and all the different dive sites are located within such a small accessible area on the Reef.

When you call these dive sites remote what do you mean?

Remote as it’s too far to access by small boats and due to the location of the Bunker group on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef – to reach the Capricorn & Bunker group on the Queensland coast you need ports with large vessel access. Either with overnight vessels or fortunately with Lady Musgrave Experience, a large vessel that can access these remote areas in a day and give divers an unforgettable and bucket list diving experience.

The Lady Musgrave Experience

What are the Great Barrier Reef Remote Dive Sites you mention?

The ability to access these stunning dive sites from a central location on the Reef is key, so from Lady Musgrave Experience, we can access Lady Elliot Island, Lady Musgrave Island, the protected areas and green zones that we can access in Fairfax Island, Hoskins Islands, Boult & Llewelyn Reefs, Lamont Reef even up to Heron Island.  You can have access to the remotest parts of the reef and we are the only ones that can access this vast range of sites and with such ease.

Some of these Green Zone Dive Sites must be amazing?

Like Fairfax, where no one can go ashore, it’s absolutely pristine and the only way you can access these areas is on a liveaboard or with us. We can access these unreal locations with Lady Musgrave Experience, there’s no other divers or boats there and you will have it all to yourself.

 The Lady Musgrave Experience

You can arrange to dive at Lady Elliot Island?

As we do everything by luxury vessel if you are short on time we can have you there in no time, Flights have dive time restrictions, our dive packages with Lady Musgrave Experience can combine Lady Elliot dives with Lady Musgrave, Fairfax and all the other surrounding islands that you can access with us from our central location from Lady Musgrave reef lagoon. 

If I want to access these remote Great Barrier Reef Sites – where do I go?

You go to Bundaberg (4 hours drive from Brisbane or a short 45 minute flight) our Reef Empress luxury catamaran will transfer you from Bundaberg to Lady Musgrave and then your diving adventure begins.  We will work with you on the best itinerary and you can see as many remote dive sites as your time permits. This can range from a day’s diving or even up to 5 day package with overnight stays on the reef in the Southern Great Barrier Reef and an added world class wreck dive – its definitely a divers itinerary

The Lady Musgrave Experience

Beyond the Reef do you have other diving options?

If you want to do more than just a Barrier reef dive, we have got direct access, as one of four exclusive operators to access the ex-HMAS Tobruk world class wreck dive site. Another dive experience that continues to blow divers away.

For more information visit Lady Musgrave Experience

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