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The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 9: KUBI DryGloves


Are you or any of your buddies a cold-water diver? Today’s gift idea – KUBI DryGloves – could be the perfect Christmas buy…

KUBI DryGloves revolutionised the world of cold-water diving. Previous dryglove systems were often awkward to put on and quite bulky, but the KUBI DryGloves are compact, and effortless to put on and off by yourself. Best of all, you can change the thickness of the dryglove itself, vary the inner thermal glove material depending on your preference or the water temperature, and it all comes in a nifty zippered storage pouch. You can retro-fit KUBIs to virtually any drysuit yourself, and there is also a ‘fitted’ option available (£204).

SRP: £156


Come back tomorrow for another great gift idea on day 10 of our Christmas Gift Guide.

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