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The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 5: The Dry Bag


Day five of the Scuba Diver Christmas Gift Guide is here!

Next on our list is something extremely handy for hanging up drenched gear – The Dry Bag.

Get soaked hanging up your drysuit? The Dry Bag is a solution – a full-length, showerproof zip-up bag with a water reservoir at the bottom that collects any dripping water, and features an easy-to-use bung which releases it. Complete with a durable hanger set, it will easily take the weight of your drenched gear. Reclaim your bathroom and banish indoor puddles all while protecting, storing and drying your wet gear. It’s not magic, but it works.

(SRP: £60)

Stop by soon for another great gift idea on day six of our Christmas Gift Guide.

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