Take a Journey Through the Blackwater Diving Photography.

Nautilus on jelly
Nautilus on jelly

Our night sea is alive with incredibly diverse and mysterious subject matter that is rarely seen. Blackwater diving is done exclusively at night and in the open ocean using a lit downline to attract planktons and other curious subjects. At sundown, the diel migration begins as planktons rise from the depths to disperse and feed, this is the largest animal migration on the planet and it occurs each night, just offshore. We shoot in the wild and without baiting, obstructing, capturing or disturbing any of the subjects in one of natures most challenging environments. The open ocean at night is simply the final frontier.

Small Female Blanket
Small Female Blanket

Over the coming weeks and months, Mike Bartick of Cyrstal Blue Resort in Anilao, Philippines, will share his passion for Blackwater diving, with some truly amazing imagery, hints and tips on how to get that elusive shot, and the type of creature you can expect to see on this unique type of diving.

Article Written By Mike Bartick, Saltwater Photo

Imaging Credit: Mike Bartick, Saltwater Photo

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