The best diving cenotes in Riviera Maya with Pro Dive International

Sponsored Post - Pro Dive International showcases some of the best Cenotes on the Riviera Maya in Mexico

Mexico’s Caribbean coast is known not only for its beautiful, pristine beaches but mainly for its spectacular freshwater cave systems called Cenotes. These amazing sinkholes surrounded by tropical jungle attract thousands of divers all year round to Riviera Maya.

Pro Dive International provides high-quality standard dive packages to these famous Mayan cenotes.

6Cenote El Pit

The Pit is the largest underwater cave in the world! It’s a deep and rugged gash in the jungle floor, part of the famous Dos Ojos cave system. You will be amazed by fascinating light beams that penetrate the cavern for more than 40m down. The entrance is steep and narrow, but once you are inside the cavern, you can appreciate the peaceful surroundings by circling around. You will explore enormous stalactites and spectacular formations shaped over the centuries.



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