Divers who assisted in a rescue mission to free 12 teenagers and their football coach trapped in a Thailand cave system have said they feel ‘honoured’ to be recognised at the Pride of Britain Awards.

The team of divers collected an Outstanding Bravery Award after they helped with huge rescue efforts to reach the stranded group in the summer. They took food and supplies through a complex cave network to the boys, then extracted each and every child out to safety.

Diver John Volanthen expressed that that numerous other individuals were involved in the rescue and that the award was ‘unexpected’.

“We are the tip of a very large iceberg,” Volanthen told ITV. “We’re the visible part but we are supported by the British Cave Rescue Council and everyone underneath.

“It wasn’t just us, we were part of an international team. We played our part but it was bigger than us.”

Connor Roe, a fellow diver in the group, said that his overarching memory of the challenging rescue was “when everybody was out of the cave, all the rescue team, everybody involved was out of the cave safe.”

“It was as a job done,” he said. “It was an unfortunate incident and we were able to assist in a large team.”

Read more about all of the inspiring winners here. The Pride of Britain Awards will be shown on ITV on 6 November at 8pm.


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