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Tech diving in Bunaken with Oasis Explorers



Diving in Bunaken is famed for the warm, tropical waters, vertical coral walls and panoramic visibility, but most of the dive sites have yet to be explored deeper than recreational scuba diving limits. Situated in the heart of the Bunaken Marine Park in Indonesia, Oasis Explorers is a newly launched technical training facility located at the luxury dive resort, Bunaken Oasis.

As the only fully-equipped technical diving facility in the Bunaken Marine Park, Oasis Explorers has state-of-the-art equipment, experienced surface support and technically-trained PADI and TDI instructors, with a range of courses available for those with a taste for adventure. In addition to open-circuit scuba and trimix gases, closed-circuit rebreathers are also an option as the most-innovative equipment for longer, deeper dives.

Also at the forefront of this new venture, Oasis Explorers will be working on opportunities in North Sulawesi for more-detailed scientific surveys, environmental awareness for deep-water marine species and the first comprehensive mapping project beyond recreational depths.

For a tech-diving expedition unlike anywhere else, experience the adventure of true exploration together with the luxury of Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort. To plan your adventure, enquire at:

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