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How to lift heavy objects from the ocean floor

Mike Haigh from Wreck Hunters returns and talks about the techniques required to lift heavy objects from the ocean floor. Don't forget to subscribe to...

What it takes to be an archaeology diver

Mike Haigh of Wreck Hunters talks about what it takes to become an archaeology diver, and what he'll be talking about in the coming...

Wreck Hunters – Q&A with Mike Haigh

Following last months video from the Wreck Hunters team, this month we have a Q&A from the Project Director Mike Haigh. Don't forget to subscribe...

Wreck Hunters – diving an 18th century wreck in Utila

Do you have an interest in scuba diving archaeology, then joining the Wreck Hunters archaeological programme might be just up your street. Mike Haigh provides...

Wreck Hunters archaeology course on Utila – and you could win a spot!

John McIntyre delves into a brand-new diving archaeology course which is being set-up on the Caribbean island of Utila in Honduras – and you...

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How to lift heavy objects from the ocean floor