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Wally the walrus arrives in Iceland

Against all the odds, it appears Wally the walrus is making his way back towards his native Arctic waters after he was spotted in...

Wally the walrus sighted off Irish coast

Wally the walrus is on the move again! He has been sighted off the coast of Ireland, which is where he first began his...

Wally the walrus causing chaos on the Isles of Scilly

Wally the wandering walrus, who has covered thousands of miles since first showing up on the west coast of Ireland, is rapidly outstaying his...

Wally the walrus back in UK waters

Wally the walrus appears to have finished his tour of mainland Europe and was sighted trying to board a tourist boat off the Isles...
Wally the walrus European tour

Wally the walrus European tour continues to Spain

Wally the walrus is continuing his European tour, and following a brief stopover in France, has now been sighted off the northern coast of...
wally the walrus

Wally the walrus ‘hit by boat’ in France

Wally the walrus, whose adventures - which have taken him from the Arctic to Ireland, then on to Wales and Cornwall - has now...

Where’s Wally? Celebrity walrus disappears after being harassed

The wandering walrus that has been chilling out in Tenby for more than a week has vanished after being harassed by tourists getting too...

Coral restoration, Grenada-style

Day four of the Grenada Dive and Conservation Fest saw a day on the water with Aquanauts Grenada for some reef and wreck diving,...

Lionfish hunt in Grenada

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