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Video of the Week: How to Equalise Your Ears While Scuba Diving

This week PADI Platinum course director Marcel Van Den Berg shares his advice on how to equalise your ears while scuba diving - a...

Video of the Week: Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali

This week scuba diver Henry Hall takes us to Manta Point in Nusa Penida, Bali, where plankton-rich waters make an ideal environment for this graceful...

Video of the Week: Octopus Hitches a Ride

What happens when an octopus takes a liking to you and fancies catching a ride on your arm? This diver made an eight-armed friend...

Video of the Week: Whales in Tonga

This week's video by Kurt Petersen sees divers observe the behaviour of whales in Tonga. These gentle giants are fascinating to watch. Tune next...

Video of the Week: Sea Lions with Aqua Lung Divers on Hornby Island

Ever dreamed of diving with sea lions? In our video of the week, Aqua Lung divers dive the Aqua Lung Fusion AirCore with sea...

Video of the Week: Octopus, The Maldives

This week's video of the week features not one but two octopus dazzling divers with their ability to change colour. This mating behaviour took place...

Video of the Week: Underwater in Black & White

This week's video of the week gives us a completely different take on the underwater world in black and white. Henry Hall shares his...

Video of the Week: Project Shark, The Red Sea

This week's video of the week is from Tony Reed. His film focuses on Project Shark on the Daedalus and St John's itinerary, and...
Farne Islands Divingvideo

Video of the Week: Farne Islands Diving

Like you needed another reason to schedule a dive with the seals of the Farne Islands! Peter Stewart showcases his footage from a midweek...
Pelagic Crabsvideo

Video of the Week: Pelagic Crabs, Portugal

This week's video comes from Alisha Postma and features an array of Pelagic Crabs filmed in Portugal. Alisha said: “As a couple of scuba divers...

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