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Scuba Diver Live – the world of underwater videography with David Diley and Bryan Stanislas

Scuba Diver Live is back tomorrow (Tuesday 2 June) at 8pm BST, and we will be joined on the 'virtual sofa' by David Diley...

Q&A with Shark & Man filmmaker David Diley

Photographs courtesy of David Diley Q: You are best known for Of Shark And Man. How did the concept of this film come into existence...

Video of the Week: Galapagos, overrated or a must dive location?

This weeks video comes from the Galapagos, this one is definitely on my bucket list of dives. What about you, have you scratched this...

Ray and Spider Crabs, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia

This week Elena Markushina takes our video of the week spot with her footage of a ray munching on masses of spider crabs filmed...

THE SCARLET VIEW: Hiring a colourist, or doing it yourself

Award-winning film-maker David Diley has joined the Scuba Diver team as a videography expert, and will be doing reviews of equipment, offering hints and...



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