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Underwater Photographers share their Journey

Paul Duxfield I’ve always been interested in photography, since I was in my early teens, moving in to a more-professional scenario when I left school...

Difference Between Great Dive Site or Destination and The Perfect Photo Location

The Ideal Photo Dive Mario Vitalini explains the difference between what makes a great dive site or destination and the perfect photo location, and how...

The Famous 5 Underwater Subjects

This issue, photo pro Mario Vitalini examines various crowd-pleasing subjects you absolutely must have in your portfolio. Underwater photographers are slightly obsessed with finding rare...

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021

A Recap of the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021

Anilao Underwater Shootout

Anilao Underwater Shootout stages a successful comeback BATANGAS--Amateur and professional underwater photographers, divers, and marine enthusiasts once again masterfully captured the beauty of Anilao in...

5 tips for Underwater Photography Beginners

5 Top Tips for Underwater Photography Beginners Gangga Divers have some great tips and advice on how to improve your photography if you are a...

Interview with Underwater Photographer, Damien Mauric

Interview with Underwater Photographer, Damien Mauric How did you get started in underwater photography? I grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean and at a...



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