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Long-lost port discovered by snorkeller

A Turkish diver has proved beyond a doubt that you don't need to venture into the deep to find unexplored wonders - using nothing...

Turkish fishermen offered bounty for silver-cheeked toadfish

Fishermen plying the waters off Turkey have been offered a bounty for every silver-cheeked toadfish they remove from the Med. According to Turkey's agricultural ministry,...

Sahika Ercumen Smashes Women’s Freshwater Freediving World Record

Sahika Ercumen, a Turkish freediver, has broken the women’s Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) world record in freshwater freediving. Ercumen set the record of 65...

UK implements flight ban on electronic items

  In the wake of the USA announcing a flight ban on electronic items over a certain size being allowed in cabin baggage from eight...



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