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Chris Jewell

Chris Jewell on GO Diving Roadshow speaker roster

Cave diver extraordinaire Chris Jewell was thrust into the limelight when he was one of an elite group of UK divers who found –...
Divers rescue Buddhist monk from flooded Thai cave

Divers rescue Buddhist monk from flooded Thai cave

A team of 17 divers have managed to rescue a Buddhist monk who had been trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand for four...

Thai cave rescue claims another victim as Navy Seal dies from infection

The dramatic Thai cave rescue of the 12 boys and their coach from the Tham Luang complex tragically claimed the life of one Thai...

Netflix to make Thai cave rescue mini-series

It was bound to happen, and now it’s official – streaming giant Netflix has secured the rights to make a mini-series about the Thai...
John Volanthen

Thai cave rescue heroes reveal all at TEKCamp 2018

In June of this year, the world held its breath as a team of elite cave divers from across the globe flew into Thailand...
Thai cave rescue

Thai cave rescue latest – all 12 boys and their coach are out!

It has just been reported that all 12 boys and their coach, who have been trapped in the Tham Luang cave system in Thailand...
Thailand Cave Diver

Brits fly out to help with Thai rescue effort

The contingent of elite British cave divers assisting with the Thai rescue operation continues to grow, with the news that Jason Mallinson and Chris...
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