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SubGravity acquires Golem Gear

SubGravity, the Utah-based LLC which designs and builds trend-setting and award-winning equipment for the most-extreme diving environments on the planet, has acquired Golem Gear,...

What Is Technical Diving? A Beginners Guide To Going Deeper

Scuba diving is a niche sport, we know that, but within scuba diving, technical diving is effectively a niche within a niche. We’ve all...

InDEPTH staffs up in bid for world domination

Now in its fourth year of operation, InDEPTH, the only magazine today dedicated to technical and mission-oriented diving, has doubled its staff in its...

Tech Stage speaker: Mark Powell

TECH STAGE SPEAKER: Mark Powell - 'What tech diving can learn from recreational diving, and vice versa' and 'Deco myths' Mark Powell had his first...

Tech Stage Speaker: Phil Short

TECH STAGE – Phil Short – ‘Aircraft archaeology and World War Two aircrew', and ‘Gribshunden - King Hans of Denmark's 1495 flagship'. Phil Short has...

An introduction to technical diving

Scuba Diver Editor-in-Chief Mark Evans offers a brief overview and introduction into the world of technical diving. Scuba diving is a niche sport, we know...

Garmin Descent MK2i – is it good for technical diving?

James Blackman from Divers Ready looks at the Garmin Descent MK2i dive computer from a technical diving perspective. Don't miss out on any future episodes...



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