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stranded sperm whales die in Yorkshire

10 stranded sperm whales die in Yorkshire

Christmas Eve ended in tragedy as ten sperm whales which had become stranded between Withernsea and Tunstall near Hull in East Yorkshire died. HM Coastguard...
Underwater Photographer of the Week Amanda Cotton

Underwater Photographer of the Week: Amanda Cotton

How did you get started in underwater photography? I attended Brooks Institute of Photography and participated in the Underseas Programme established by Ernie Brooks. In...

Best Places to Dive in October

Visit the best places to dive in October and you can enjoy encounters with some of the biggest animals in the ocean; from humpbacks...

Sperm whales sighted off the west coast of Scotland

Sperm whales, the world's largest toothed whale, have been sighted sleeping on the surface in the waters off the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Steve...

Tragic North Sea whale strandings linked to Northern Light solar storms

Geomagnetic disruptions caused by vast solar storms that create the Aurora Borealis is believed to have been behind the multiple strandings of massive sperm...

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Busy few days for BDMLR

Stormy weather, torrential rain and the time of year has meant a busy few days for members of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). After...

Hammond’s close encounter with a whaleshark

Beach cleaning station made out of marine rubbish

Beach cleaning station made out of marine rubbish