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Diving the Wreck of the Ex HMAS Brisbane

Wreck diving, Ex HMAS Brisbane Trip Report The Ex-HMAS Brisbane is a decommissioned guided-missile destroyer, scuttled in 2005 about three nautical miles off the sunshine coast. In...

Ningaloo Reef epic diving holiday

Join us on Scuba World's first epic diving holiday to Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. 21st May 2022. Dive the best of Exmouth, experience warm water and wonderful visibility. Plus you...

Fantastic EX-HMAS Brisbane

The Ex-HMAS Brisbane – Sunshine Coast Queensland Living in Queensland, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to diving destinations. A stone's throw from...

Incredible EX HMAS Brisbane

Incredible EX HMAS Brisbane - March 2021 trip report On my last visit to the Ex HMAS Brisbane in January, we were treated to 20m...

Breathtaking Ex HMAS Brisbane Trip report

On a recent mini–Road Trip I had the pleasure of diving the Breathtaking Ex HMAS Brisbane. Ex-Hmas Brisbane Trip Report The Ex-HMAS Brisbane is a decommissioned...



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