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Scuba Diving Florida

Spring Country – North Florida’s Fountains of Youth

Scuba Diver’s US/Canada Editor-at-Large Walt Stearns waxes lyrical about the attraction of North Florida’s cave country
Diver just outside the entrance into Ginnie Springs Ballroom cavern.

A Guide To Florida Springs Diving

Photographs by Walt Stearns A faint but growing glimmer of light in the passage ahead signals the end of our dive. We exit a realm...
Drive 'n' Scuba Diving Florida Roadtrip Fort Lauderdale Part 1

Drive ‘n’ Scuba Diving Florida Roadtrip Fort Lauderdale Part 1

Photographs by Mark Evans and Walt Stearns Scuba Diving Florida “Go, go, go!” said skipper Darrin, and like a bunch of demented lemmings myself and my...

Coral restoration, Grenada-style

Day four of the Grenada Dive and Conservation Fest saw a day on the water with Aquanauts Grenada for some reef and wreck diving,...

Lionfish hunt in Grenada

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