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Rebreather Diver Dies Near 50kg of Cocaine

A rebreather diver who was found unconscious near 50kg of cocaine later died despite attempts to revive him. The man, who police have identified as...

Tec Guru Pete Mesley Part 1

Q&A With Tec Guru Pete Mesley Part 1 In the first of a two-part feature, we talk to Pete Mesley, a hugely charismatic figure on...

North America’s Great Lakes

These inland seas of North America have claimed thousands of ships over hundreds of years from wooden schooners to steel freighters, and each has a unique story.

Underwater Photographer of the Week: April Bencze

What came first - diving or photography?  Diving came before photography for me. In fact, diving is purely to blame for my photography habit.  How did...

Explore Deep Sites Off Cocos Islands with Becky Kagan Schott

Calling experienced rebreather/trimix divers… If you’re hoping to discover deep dive sites off Costa Rica’s Cocos Island, look no further. Underwater photographer and videographer Becky...

Curious about rebreathers?

Not sure whether diving on rebreathers is right for you? Unsure what unit would best suit you? Get the answers you need from some...



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