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Pelagic Crabs

Video of the Week: Pelagic Crabs, Portugal

This week's video comes from Alisha Postma and features an array of Pelagic Crabs filmed in Portugal. Alisha said: “As a couple of scuba divers...

400 year old Portugal Shipwreck ‘Discovery of Decade’

A 400 year old shipwreck has been found off the coast of Portugal by archeologists. It is thought the wreck, which was discovered on 3...

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NDAC will not reopen for the rest of 2020

Divers will be mourning the loss of the facilities at NDAC after it was announced the popular inland site would not be reopening for...
Scuba Diver #39 Out Now

Scuba Diver #39 Out Now

Ocean Photography Awards

Ocean Photography Awards – COVID-19 update