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Photo Stage Speaker: Jason Brown

PHOTO STAGE speaker: Jason Brown - '10 top tips for better wreck photos' What came first? Photography or diving? For professional photographer Jason Brown, it’s...

Photo Stage speaker: Martyn Guess

Underwater Photography Stage: Martyn Guess - 'Macro and close-up photography techniques' Martyn Guess has been diving for over 30 years and taking underwater images for...

Photo Stage speaker: Roisin Maddison

Underwater Photography Stage – Roisin Maddison – ‘Breaking the stigma: Diving with an underwater photographer’ Roisin Maddison is a BSAC instructor and underwater photographer. She...

Photo Stage speaker: Phil Medcalf

UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY STAGE – Phil Medcalf – ‘Underwater photography on a budget', ‘Don't get lost in the Exposure Triangle', ‘Is it time to upgrade...



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