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PADI AWARE Foundation's Campaign achieves global win for mako sharks

After nearly three years of collaborative campaigns from ocean advocates around the world, the 51 countries and the European Union have agreed to place...

Virgin Pure partners with PADI AWARE Foundation

To help hammer home the severity of the issues of plastic pollution, home water filtration system Virgin Pure - which has made it a mission to...

Introducing PADI AWARE Foundation

Introducing PADI AWARE Foundation – A Non-Profit Public Charity to Achieve Critical Ocean Conservation Goals PADI is committed to investing in our ocean, the future...

PADI AWARE and Kraken Rum help save the oceans

Leading marine conservation charity PADI AWARE estimates it would take over 16,741,000 years for its divers working at current capacity to remove every plastic...

Seiko partners with PADI AWARE Foundation

Seiko Watch Corporation is partnering with the non-profit public charity PADI AWARE Foundation to support global ocean protection. As an official partner of PADI...

PADI AWARE Foundation launches on World Ocean Day

In celebration of World Ocean Day today (8 June), PADI has announced the creation of PADI AWARE Foundation. The non-profit public charity is dedicated...



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