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Can you dive after using Sudafed?

Q: I have just returned from a trip to Mexico, where one of our group had some sinus congestion at the beginning of the...

Can you dive with childhood asthma?

Q: My ten-year old daughter Lucy has asthma, which she’s had since birth. In her first few winters it was quite severe and she...

Can orbital floor fractures and eye floaters stop you from diving?

Q: I have suffered an orbital floor fracture whilst playing rugby. My doctor has instructed me not to blow my nose due to subcutaneous...

Can you be too old to scuba dive?

Q: While holidaying with my daughter and grandchildren in the Maldives I was given the opportunity to dive. I had only ever snorkelled previously...

Coral restoration, Grenada-style

Day four of the Grenada Dive and Conservation Fest saw a day on the water with Aquanauts Grenada for some reef and wreck diving,...

Lionfish hunt in Grenada

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