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National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium launches virtual family tours

The National Marine Aquarium has come up with a way to keep families entertained at home and keep its Ocean Discovery Rangers busy through...
Ocean Conservation Trust

Coral Live Lessons with the Ocean Conservation Trust

The Ocean Conservation Trust is partnering with Encounter Edu and the CARMABI coral research station in the southern Caribbean to host the AXA Coral Live Lessons at the National Marine Aquarium...

Ocean Conservation Trust plants first seeds in National Marine Aquarium’s seagrass lab

The Ocean Conservation Trust has planted the first seeds in its seagrass cultivation laboratory at the National Marine Aquarium. The project at the largest aquarium...
National Marine Aquarium

Tasty treat ahead of National Marine Aquarium’s reopening

The National Marine Aquarium is delighted that the Government has given aquariums the green light to reopen, with a confirmed reopening date of Monday...
World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day – UK aquariums facing challenge to survive COVID-19 lockdown

Normally, aquariums would be welcoming and inspiring thousands of visitors, but the National Marine Aquarium is facing a challenge to survive this World Oceans...
Ocean Conservation Trust

Ocean Conservation Trust opens unique seagrass lab at National Marine Aquarium

The Ocean Conservation Trust is opening a seagrass lab at the UK’s National Marine Aquarium as part of a new £2.5m habitat restoration project...
Ocean Conservation Trust

Ocean Conservation Trust research find aquariums deliver health and well-being benefits

According to Ocean Conservation Trust research published in the journal Environment & Behaviour, people who spend time watching aquariums and fish tanks could see...

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