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How to correctly excavate a shipwreck

Wreck Hunters' project director Mike Haigh explains how to correctly excavate a shipwreck. Check out the Wreck Hunters website for more details of the exciting project in...

Using photomosaics to survey a dive site

Mike Haigh of Wreck Hunters offers more advice and information on treasure hunting, this time looking at using photomosaics to survey a dive site. Check out the Wreck Hunters...

Using an underwater metal detector

Wreck Hunters' Mike Haigh talks about using underwater metal detectors, which are used for more than just looking for gold and treasure. Mike discusses how...

Wreck Hunters go treasure hunting

Mike Haigh of Wreck Hunters offers more advice and information on treasure hunting. Check out the Wreck Hunters website for more details of their exciting...

What it takes to be an archaeology diver

Mike Haigh of Wreck Hunters talks about what it takes to become an archaeology diver, and what he'll be talking about in the coming...

Wreck Hunters – Q&A with Mike Haigh

Following last months video from the Wreck Hunters team, this month we have a Q&A from the Project Director Mike Haigh. Don't forget to subscribe...



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