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Stunning Blackwater World of Cozumel

Mike Bartick goes on a journey through the Blackwater world of CozumelI love to blackwater dive in any location I visit as I feel...
Scuba Diving Sudan Shark Dive Expedition

The Blackwater World: Jack and Jelly a Curious Relationship

Each Month Mike Bartick takes us on a journey through the Blackwater world This month his focus is on the the JellyfishMention the word Jellyfish...

Living in the Dark The Blackwater Diving World

Living in the dark the Blackwater World with Mike BartickIts late in the evening, our gear is set and our dive team is getting...
Blanket Octopus: The Black Water World

Blanket Octopus: The Black Water World

This week his focus is on the Blanket OctopusThe Blanket Octopus is perhaps one of the most mysterious sea creatures of all times. They...
Weston-super-Mare Fundraising Branch Chair, Peter Elmont

The Blackwater Diving Photography

Take a Journey Through the Blackwater Diving Photography.Our night sea is alive with incredibly diverse and mysterious subject matter that is rarely seen. Blackwater...
Hairy frogfish

Anilao Overload

Hairy frogfish

Why doesn’t DAN share chamber locations?

For this video, Editorial Director Mark Evans partners up with the team from Divers Alert Network to look at recompression facilities, or more specifically,...
The Post-Covid World

The Post-Covid World

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