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Macro Photography Finding the Light Part 1

Underwater macro photography is an art form in which light can play a huge part To get the best photos possible, you need to understand...

Close-Up: Macro And Super Macro Photography

Paul 'Duxy' Duxfield turns his attentions to the smaller end of the scale, looking at close-up, macro and super macro photography. Last month, we had...

Backgrounds Or Negative Space In Macro Photography

Martyn Guess provides some tips on how we can all improve our macro photography by paying attention to the background or negative space Photographs by...

Lighting Techniques For Underwater Macro Photography

Following his last article on getting the basics right with macro photography, Martyn Guess provides some ideas on how to use different lighting techniques...

Tips And Hints On How To Compose Better Underwater Images

Following his last article on underwater macro photography and looking at different lighting techniques, Martyn Guess provides some more tips on how we can...



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